[6592][3.4.67]CYNOGENMOD 12.1 STABLE 2.1

Kernel base : 3.4.x
SDK : 22
Android 5.1.1
Base ROM : Kingzone K1 Turbo, all credits goes to him Fire855

**What's new in this 20151223 build**
Reworked full av system
Fixed audio bugs in call issue
Fixed 1080p playbac
Fixed USSD (thanks to @tuxboy)
Add Fast Rebooter (because the system rebooter is very slow)
Reworked for Power Save, Balance, and Performance by me just for H1 and H1c (Go to Settings-Battery-Battery mode)
Dual sim switch 3G see below how to set switch 3G
Fix Video Recording
Camera only 8mpx because of some issue on video rec if i replace to 13mpx+
GPS full working
Audio working
Outgoing call working
SMS working and new sms FC fixed.
Themes working.
Full UI working
Video playback
Default storage is sdcard.
Explore more by yourself.
Google Contacts, Calender Sync WorkingYou can choose : Preferred Install Location
All Games,Apps Supported on Play Store (Unlike Before, on CM12)
CM12.1 features
LCD Changer (persistent)
Add Titanium backup
Add smartwake and glovemode mod by himura05
ALL cm12 Features

Main Issue :
Screen Recorder just green result

How to set SIM 2 3G
Go to settings SIM cards
Go to Mobile Network settings
Choose SIM 1 Settings
Set Preferred network Type to 2G
Now go back to SIM 2 Settings
Set Preferred network settings to 3G
Now go back to Settings-SIM cards
Choose preferred SIM for
Mobil data choose CARD 2
go to air plane mode toggle on the air plane mode for 3 seconds and toggle off again
Now go to Settings-SIM cards-Mobile network settings-choose SIM 2 settings
Choose preferred network type, toggle to 2G and back again to 3G
wait for 20 - 30 seconds
If still doesn't show data connection, just toggle again your air plane mode and wait for 20 - 30 seconds again.
It should be work for now .

Download Link 24 Dec 2015 :


Contact Me : www.facebook.com/himura05


Need cm for mtk6592m and is it possible to port from 92 to 92m by editing boot.img and other stuffs?


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