[6582][3.4.67] Temasek v3 UNOFFICIAL CM12.1 r34 based ( February built)

TeamSek V18.9 Unofficial CM12.1 (r34 based)

Features - 

Changelog of  v3 :

‪#‎fixed‬ video recording (720p and 1080p)
‪#‎video‬ colour
‪#‎added‬ fm radio
#added level 7 bettery tweaks
#added all latest fix

 Feature Based on latest Source
Removed Emulated
Sd card set as default
Super Smooth
More stable and smoother than CM12.1 Builds (Bugless)
Apps2SD working fine
Run HD games
Video Recording working (Works on 720p resolution)
USSD working
GPS working
1080P playback
Stability improved
Super fast boot up
Additional Boot Up Features
Super fast App optimization
Themes Working
SMS working
No Network drops
Battery backup compare to miui rom

Additional Features Of TemaSek

TRDS Mode (Night & Daytime Modes)
Buttons (Nav Bar Add & Remove)
TemaSek Spare Parts (many more in this)
On-The-Go mode
Breathing feature & many more to 

Bug/ limitation -

Fm only headphone.. Sometimes speaker works

For youtube -  youtube limited resolution fixed now you can play 720p or 1080 in latest version 
install this file via custom recovery (but first you must download latest version of youtube

Link - Youtube fix

Credits -

@Pawan Diwal
@Rohan Taneja
@Santhosh M
And of Course
Team Roger That! 


TemaSek v3 for Primo GH2

Gapps and superuser download from Final v2


Bro ai ROM ta ki primo r3 er jonno port kora jabe?


Brother, Can you port Ressurection remix 5.5.9 and ADPT OS V1 for mtk6582/GH2?


SD card does not mount... Phone memory is mounting as sdcard0


does the mobile data vpn work here ??


Adptos v1 already uploaded on gh2 facebook group...TemaSek is better than RR


i am using psiphon does it work ??
cuz i used it on an old built but it didn't work


Dear devs, I'm currently using miui7 rom. But after i accidentally press the update button last December, phone gone mad. Now my internal memory is showing 1.47GB. I can't download and install any apps like imo, camera 360, Google play games etc. In this situation i wanna install another rom. Is this rom will be good? Please give suggestions.


U're really doing a great work. Pls d Deceptcon rom for Gionee p4 data can't be on? Any help Pls, or this new rom will be okay. Pls reply thanks


Plz can port this rom for gh2 http://www.mtkroms.com/2016/03/final-resurrection-remix-bugless-mt6582.html?m=1


Please port Android M 6.0 (CM 13) for GH2
Source: http://bit.ly/21bwR1v


Already ported dude...lots of bugs


Already ported...join this group for more details....rom uploaded in this group..https://mobile.facebook.com/groups/706371916139147?refid=13&_ft_=qid.6258752578348551447%3Amf_story_key.847709738672030%3Atl_objid.847709738672030


Can somebody tell raju Krishna's fix for compass...please


Can i use starwar mod for this rom http://www.mtkroms.com/2016/01/star-wars-os-for-mt6582-and-mt6592.html

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Compare to cm v3 bin and your ROM bin..


Where can i find the link to gapps and super su.. .final v2 post??


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