[3.4.67][6592] CYNOGENMOD 12.1 STABLE 2.2

CM 12.1 STABLE 2.2 05 JAN 2016 BY HIMURA 

Kernel base : 3.4.x
SDK : 22
Android 5.1.1
Base ROM :  Kingzone K1 Turbo, all credits goes to him Fire855

**What's new in this 20160105 build**
  • Fix Volume on FM radio
  • Fix can not Play or crash while Play in HD games
  • Patch added 01 January 2016
  • Dual sim switch 3G see below how to set switch 3G
  • Fix Video Recording
  • Camera only 8mpx because of some issue on video rec if i replace to 13mpx+
  • Bluetooth
  • Wifi
  • GPS full working
  • Audio working
  • Outgoing call working
  • SMS working and new sms FC fixed.
  • Themes working.
  • Full UI working
  • Video playback
  • Default storage is sdcard.
  • Explore more by yourself.
  • Google Contacts, Calender Sync WorkingYou can choose : Preferred Install Location
  • All Games,Apps Supported on Play Store (Unlike Before, on CM12)
  • CM12.1 features
  • LCD Changer (persistent)
  • Add Titanium backup
  • Gapps
  • Add smartwake and glovemode mod by himura05 
Switch 3g
Select 3g , Change data sim , then reboot device . 
ALL cm12 Features

xposed-v78.1-CM12.1 mod.zip (install via TWRP) 


Replace stock to port

firmware from system/etc
libMali.so from system/lib
libcamdrv.so from system/lib
libcamalgo.so from system/lib
libcameracustom.so from system/lib
hw whole folder from system/lib

Stuck At Animation ?
Replace libaudio.primary.default.so

Stuck At Logo ?
It might be a storage issue .
Replace bin/vold , sdcard  
storage-list.xml from framework-res.apk/res/xml/ 
replace fstab.rc and storage lines from init65xx.rc  


Sir can u plzzzz provide the patch for SD card as default I ported but your rom but the internal storage is not showed it is displayed as emulated storage only 3 GB but my internal storage is of 16 GB which is no where to be found plzzzzz help


Am trying to port it to mlais m9. The bluetooth on goes automatically to off after some seconds. Do you know a solution for this? Thx


you can download ebr editor and edit the two ebr files from the stock firmware to greater sizes. Then flash them using spflashtool and make a factory reset, formatting the drive as higher sizes.


hey i hvae prob not connecting to data on cm12.1.


no, not work at all.


Please, How do I replace fstab.rc and storage lines from init65xx.rc ??


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