[TOOL/GUIDE] boot.img extract/unpack tool

its a simple tool which extract boot.img and it doesn't extract the whole rmdisk.. so u can easily port ColorOS, YunOS etc boot.img

1. extract the tool 
2. copy port boot.img
3. open start.bat
4. press 1 to extract
5. keep rmdisk in a new folder
6. extract stock boot.img
7. copy the kernel
8. now join them by pressing 2 

Mainly you have to use port rmdisk and stock kernel...... ENJOY!


Thanks for this app will try it and give feedback


And still......... no feedback


cannot find path specified - added the location of this unzipped utility folder in path variables. the boot.img is in the same folder as the start bat file.


noticed that in your script file it has dlls\split_bootimg.exe boot.img...So i put the boot.img in the dlls folder. It still does not work. Appreciate any advice. Understand it has been 4 years (!) ...amazed and thankful that this is still up there available for download and not discontinued. Thanks!


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