Dark Cyanide Android L ROM By Snigdho

ROM Name: Dark Cyanide : Android L ROM
Device: Walton Primo E2
Chipset: MT6572

You can also port it to other MT6572 devices....

Our device (Walton Primo E2) already have a Android L themed ROM but it has some minor bugs, No Dual 3G, Less free RAM... So I thought of making another Android L themed ROM fulfilling most of the lackings of the previous L themed ROM...

- De-Odexed
- Pre-Rooted

- Dual 3G
- Android L UI
- Android L Boot Animation
- Dolby Engine
- New Boot Logo
- Super Smooth UI
- Built-In Xposed Installer
** Built-In Xposed Modules
==> Gravitybox
==> Tinted Statusbar
- 100% Bugless
- build.prop tweaks & init.d tweaks
- More Free RAM
- Better Gaming Performance
- And Much More

- Allah SWT
- Emrul Chowdhury
- CyanogenMOD Team
- Byron Saquic Perez
- Abdullah Al Akib
- Shovik Chowdhury
- Jeeko
- And Snigdho Hasan (Me)

Special Thanks
- Kuasha Pranto
- Mohammad Mahi Atik
- Sadman Sakib Alam
- Abdullah Al Akib
- Emrul Chowdhury
- Muhe

Download Link
Click Here

If you port this ROM give credits to the Real Developer of this ROM (Snigdho Hasan)


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