[MT6572] [4.4.2]Stay OS V2 For Okapia Easy

Rom Name:Stay OS V2 

Device- Okapia Easy


- Navigation Bar
- enable / Disable Navbar
High -Set navbar
- Statusbar
- enable / Disabling the operator's name
- Moves Clock on the right or left
Displays seconds on the clock
Displays the name of the day on the clock
- Setting Color hour
- Battery Icon
Colors on the battery icon
- enable / Disable the battery icon
- enable / Disabling the percentage of battery level
- Monitor Internet data
- Set Color monitor Data
- Setting Dynamic color
- Gesture
- Features Gestures anywhere
- Application Circular
- level Visibility
- size Quick keys
- Recents Panel
- enable / Disable button deletion
- enable / Disabling of the memory
- the Location deletion button (right or left)
- Screen Notifications
- Notification Weather
- This Setting fast
- Selection Lot and location shortcut
- Press Long on the icon to enter the settings
- as Occupying music with a single click
- Record Sound and the screen easily
- Maximize RAM used with a single click
- Slider Screen brightness

Lock screen

- change Background image
- Animated
- Animated On the keyboard
- Animated To scroll the screen
- Animated System
- Animated Toast

Introducing new features and applications

- Colors Dynamically set colors at certain hours
- Music
- Video
- Voice recorder
- Torch
- Calendar
- File Manager 

1.You must have a custom recovery on Okapia easy

2.If you have already flashed custom recovery, then only proceed

3.Wipe advance->dalvik cache

4.Flash ROM from sdcard

5.Reboot and enjoy

Screen shot:

Special Thanks To :

==>Stay OS Team

=> Nayeem Hossen (Me) For Porting This ROM

==>Mousumi For helping me

Download Link:



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