[6582][3.4.67] Resurrection Remix 5.5.9 v3

Resurrection Remix 5.5.9 v3 for Primo GH2

Features - 

- All Resurrection Remix Features
Visit http://www.resurrectionremix.com/ for full feature list
- Based on latest Sources
- Super smooth
- More stable and smoother than CM 12.1 Bugless V3
- App2SD is working perfectly
- Run HD games without crashes
- Video Recording working in stock camera (Default CM camera)
- USSD working
- GPS working
- 1080P playback fixed
- 1080P recording
- Stability improvements
- Super fast boot up
- Super fast App optimization
- Themes working
- SMS working
- No longer need to reboot for apps to appear in App Drawer
- No network drops
- And so much more, everything which you expect to get working in your stock ROM is working in this ROM

Bugs/ limitation - 

Fm only headphone.. Sometimes speaker works

Youtube limited fix - 

youtube limited resolution fixed now you can play 720p or 1080 in latest version... install this file via custom recovery (Before flashing this patch, you must download latest version of youtube)

Patch - Youtube

Credits -

Fire855 - First bootable Cyanogenmod 12.1
- Ajit Guraya - Built this ROM from source
- Team Roger That
- Resurrection Remix Team

Downloads - 

RR 5.5.9 v3 for Primo GH2

XposedXposed - https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B6G9_nnbeCE1NXBtcDBPTVBVV2c/viewview

Note : 

first flash rom and then flash xposed.zip..in previous rr v2 has setting fc bug . To fix this bug, developer modified its framework and its framwork won't run without xposed.zip  ..If you don't flash xposed,your rom won't boot :)


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