[6582][3.4.67] Resurrection Remix 5.5.9 v3

Resurrection Remix 5.5.9 v3 for Primo GH2

Features - 

- All Resurrection Remix Features
Visit http://www.resurrectionremix.com/ for full feature list
- Based on latest Sources
- Super smooth
- More stable and smoother than CM 12.1 Bugless V3
- App2SD is working perfectly
- Run HD games without crashes
- Video Recording working in stock camera (Default CM camera)
- USSD working
- GPS working
- 1080P playback fixed
- 1080P recording
- Stability improvements
- Super fast boot up
- Super fast App optimization
- Themes working
- SMS working
- No longer need to reboot for apps to appear in App Drawer
- No network drops
- And so much more, everything which you expect to get working in your stock ROM is working in this ROM

Bugs/ limitation - 

Fm only headphone.. Sometimes speaker works

Youtube limited fix - 

youtube limited resolution fixed now you can play 720p or 1080 in latest version... install this file via custom recovery (Before flashing this patch, you must download latest version of youtube)

Patch - Youtube

Credits -

Fire855 - First bootable Cyanogenmod 12.1
- Ajit Guraya - Built this ROM from source
- Team Roger That
- Resurrection Remix Team

Downloads - 

RR 5.5.9 v3 for Primo GH2

XposedXposed - https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B6G9_nnbeCE1NXBtcDBPTVBVV2c/viewview

Note : 

first flash rom and then flash xposed.zip..in previous rr v2 has setting fc bug . To fix this bug, developer modified its framework and its framwork won't run without xposed.zip  ..If you don't flash xposed,your rom won't boot :)

[6582][3.4.67] MokeeOs UNOFFICIAL CM12.1 r34 based ( February built)

MokeeOs for Primo GH2/Gionee P4/i6

Features -

ListView animations
Multi window
Calendar - with lunar and solar calenders
Lunar calendar in lock screen
Task switching sidebar in recent apps (the list will increase if you install supported apps)
Bulk SMS recipients
Adjustable SMS font size
SMS sending delay
Smart dialing
Speed dialing
IP dialing
Custom carrier name
Network speed in status bar (upload and download!)
Built in timer in Apollo - determine when to stop playing music
MoKee Setup Wizard
Active Display
Adjustable navigation bar height
Unique Power Saver functions!
Custom screen off animations
Customizable recent apps shorcuts
Lockscreen notifications
Working CM11 theme engine
Many more! Since we are constantly adding new features, see changelogs to keep updated!

Credits -

@Pawan Diwal
@Rohan Taneja
@Santhosh M
And of Course
Team Roger That! 


[6582][3.4.67] Temasek v3 UNOFFICIAL CM12.1 r34 based ( February built)

TeamSek V18.9 Unofficial CM12.1 (r34 based)

Features - 

Changelog of  v3 :

‪#‎fixed‬ video recording (720p and 1080p)
‪#‎video‬ colour
‪#‎added‬ fm radio
#added level 7 bettery tweaks
#added all latest fix

 Feature Based on latest Source
Removed Emulated
Sd card set as default
Super Smooth
More stable and smoother than CM12.1 Builds (Bugless)
Apps2SD working fine
Run HD games
Video Recording working (Works on 720p resolution)
USSD working
GPS working
1080P playback
Stability improved
Super fast boot up
Additional Boot Up Features
Super fast App optimization
Themes Working
SMS working
No Network drops
Battery backup compare to miui rom

Additional Features Of TemaSek

TRDS Mode (Night & Daytime Modes)
Buttons (Nav Bar Add & Remove)
TemaSek Spare Parts (many more in this)
On-The-Go mode
Breathing feature & many more to 

Bug/ limitation -

Fm only headphone.. Sometimes speaker works

For youtube -  youtube limited resolution fixed now you can play 720p or 1080 in latest version 
install this file via custom recovery (but first you must download latest version of youtube

Link - Youtube fix

Credits -

@Pawan Diwal
@Rohan Taneja
@Santhosh M
And of Course
Team Roger That! 


TemaSek v3 for Primo GH2

Gapps and superuser download from Final v2

[6582] [3.4.67] DecepticonOS V2 (Based on cm12.1 final V3)

DecepticonOS V2

Features : 

  • Updated to android-5.1.1_r33
  • Fixed FMRadio volume control
  • Fixed game crashes
  • Fixed usb connection problems
  • Added headset icon in statusbar
  • Fixed call rrecording
  • Build in xposed/xposed framework
  • Built in gapps
  • Built in abs tweaks
  • Build.prop tweaks
  • Adrenaline tweaks
  • Sound tweaks
  • RAM swap enabled
  • Additional 300 RAM
  • Lag free
  • Dynamic status bar
  • Network traffic meter
  • Slim pie
  • Custom carrier label
  • Color correction
  • Font chooser
  • Adblocker
  • CPU stats
  • Many more....p
  • =================================
  • No lag on Video Recording "1080p" (tested)
  • Silent mode call bug fixed (tested)
  • Clear sounds 
  • Better Battery backup (tested)
  • Off charging
  • Network drop (fixed)
  • Hotspot
  • FM radio
  • Bluetooth 
  • Headphone
  • Headphone (Bluetooth)
  • USSD (all networks)
  • Compass (magnetic sensors)
  • Video recording (stock/any camera app)
  • LED lights
  • Sensors
  • GPS
  • Smart Cover
  • Weather Detection 
  • Microphone
  • Messenger video/voice call
  • Mobile Data
  • 3g
  • Dual Sim
  • WiFi
  • Init.d
  • Serial number unknown (fixed)
  • Better Ram management
  • Move app to SD (without corrupting the app)
  • Both storage mountable on PC ,etc
  • Call bug on silent mode (Fixed)
  • Loud husky sound (Fixed)
  • Additional apps hidden on app drawer
  • Additional options on settings
  • New modified system apps
  • Built in gapps
  • built in capps
  • 720p YouTube playback
  • Built in SuperSU

Bugs - 

  • Fm only headphone

Credits - 


Downloads :

[6592] [3.4.67] MIUI V7 BETA 6.1.7


  • GAPPS added
  • Lite Mode working
  • Fast Lock Focus camera
  • Stable
  • Bluetooth work
  • GPS work
  • Compass work
  • Hotspot work
  • Wifi work
  • Additional reboot option
  • Plak
  • Immersed statusbar

Delete & replace etc/firmware,mddb  
Delete & replace  Vendor/lib,media  
Delete & replace Lib/hw 
Lib/ libcameracustom.so, libcameraservice.so, libfeatureio.so, libMali.so


[6582] [3.4.67] Cynogenmod 12.1 Stable Final v3 (built date - 07.01.16)


Features : 

Updated to android-5.1.1_r33
Fixed FMRadio volume control
Fixed game crashes
Fixed usb connection problems
Added headset icon in statusbar
Fixed app2sd (full fix)

To add Swap Ram : download kernal auditor app-go to virtual memory -set swappiness 100- set vram 510 mb..

Bugs - 

Youtube 360p 

Fm only headphone.. Sometimes speaker works

Note : As per fire855 the newer youtube versions cannot play 720p quality videos for us and gave us a link for youtube to use this version click here  ....but updates sometime and we cant play 720p so here's a solution..
**Go to play store and find youtube app and press options soft key u will see auto update app dialog box uncheck it you are done now it will never update itself while the other will ** 
U got 720p videos...

Credits -

Cyanogenmod Team
OMNI Team: (specially XpLoDWilD and Dr-Shadow).
@Santhosh M
@Raju Krisna

Downloads :

Cynogenmod 12.1 Stable Final v3 for Primo GH2

Battery draning fix

Voice call recording fix

Capps added in rom..Download Root and Gapps from Final v2

Porting Method : 

>>Boot.img Editing 
Replace stock to port
firmware from system/etc
libMali.so from system/lib
libcamdrv.so from system/lib
libcamalgo.so from system/lib
libcameracustom.so from system/lib
hw whole folder from system/lib

Stuck At Animation ?
Replace libaudio.primary.default.so

Stuck At Logo ?
It might be a storage issue .
Replace bin/vold , sdcard  
storage-list.xml from framework-res.apk/res/xml/ 
replace fstab.rc and storage lines from init65xx.rc  

[6582] [3.4.67] Cynogenmod 12.1 Stable Final 2

CYNOGENMOD 12.1 STABLE Final 2 ( wiko latest built )

Features : 

FINAL RELEASE [2.0] - 20151224 (Build date 20151224)
Updated to android-5.1.1_r26
Fixed magnetic/orientation sensors for some devices
Re-added Email and Exchange apps
Fixed USSD (thanks to @tuxboy)
Everything below thanks to @fire855
Reworked full av system
Fixed 1080p playback
Fixed audio bugs
Fixed Mic Permanently

Bugs -
Youtube 360p ( use this Youtube.. its supports 720p.. ddon't uupdate this youtube)
Screen Recording ( green screen)


Cyanogenmod Team
OMNI Team: (specially XpLoDWilD and Dr-Shadow).
@Santhosh M

Downloads :

Use Philiz Recover
Clean to a new 
Install Zip from 
Flash Rom,patch,gapps,

[6582] [3.4.67] CYNOGENMOD 12.1 STABLE V4 [OLD]



Apps2sd working Compass working Fixed Noisy Sound Sd card set as default Fixed Mic Fixed Storage... Now Phone storage like kitkat Showing both storage in usb cable Fixed offline charging Updated to android-5.1.1_r24 Vpn working ( tested with FinchVPN,Phiphon) Fixed video recording Fixed video playback issues Fixed Sound Recorder issues Fixed RIL crashes Fixed wifi tethering Fixed bluetooth audio Better codec compatiblity Implement FMRadio NFC Support ( For porters ) Implement SmartCover feature Fixed serial number Added new CyanogenMod performance profiles Fixed Haptic feedback Disable usb charge only Now mtp + mass_storage (mass only for external sd) Fixed Bad aspect ratio in some videos Fixed VoIP Calls Removed Email + Exchange apps CREDIT GOES TO #fire855 # Al3XKOoL #Tuxboy THANKS TO #Raju Krishna #Heart Joiner #Minh Quoc #Michel Jay




[Guide] [WINDOWS] Easily Port Boot.img - With Screenshots

Download the software from below link and copy to a new folder . example : boot_edit

Click Here To Download

Copy your stock boot.img to the "boot_edit" folder

Open " Boot_edit " folder then Press SHIFT + RIGHT BUTTON .
If you are on windows 7 , then try  CTRL + RIGHT BUTTON
Select " Open command window here "

Write down or copy-paste this code to the CMD window and press Enter

bootimg.exe --unpack-bootimg boot.img

Now you have unpacked your boot.img !

Now copy everything except Bootimg.exe (the app) to a new folder .  example : stock boot

Now copy your boot.img from Port rom ( the rom u want to port ) to "Boot_edit" folder and unpack boot.img (Same way you unpacked stook boot.img )

After completing unpack operation , Replace a file called "kernel " from your stock boot to port boot.img

In some case , if you get a bootloop , replace a file from stock to port called " ueventd.rc " too . (boot_edit/initrd/ueventd)
* Replace this file to port cm12.1 / Miui v7

Credit : All Time Hitz

For Cross Porting Only (mediatek)  :  (ignore it if you are porting from same sock )

Open init.rc with Notepad++ and press CTRL + F
And write down your port rom's chipset  version .
If you are porting a rom from 6592 to 6582
Then search with "6592" and replace them with 6582 . Then save it .

Now It's time to repack your Boot.img .

Write down or copy-paste this code to CMD and press Enter

bootimg.exe --repack-bootimg

You are done !! You will get a file called " boot-new " . This is your patched boot.img .

Software Credit - Cofface .

Share This Page If You Like It .   

Contact me :  Minhaz Ahmed Muhe

[TOOL/GUIDE] boot.img extract/unpack tool

its a simple tool which extract boot.img and it doesn't extract the whole rmdisk.. so u can easily port ColorOS, YunOS etc boot.img

1. extract the tool 
2. copy port boot.img
3. open start.bat
4. press 1 to extract
5. keep rmdisk in a new folder
6. extract stock boot.img
7. copy the kernel
8. now join them by pressing 2 

Mainly you have to use port rmdisk and stock kernel...... ENJOY!